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We support the growth of Finnish companies by providing tailored funding solutions. We supplement, for example, bank financing when the growth of the company is fast or the bank is otherwise unable to meet all the financing needs of the company. We operate through our own balance sheet and in case of larger funding needs, we can also co-operate with other financiers. A credit decision can be made quickly, the credit can be drawn in installments or paid off early.

We know entrepreneurs value flexible solutions and efficiency in decision making. In addition to diverse experience, our experts share genuine intrest towards entrepreneurship.

Granted funding

58,5 M€
Financial balance 5.8.2019

Miikka Veikkola

Chief Operating Officer

What we finance?

Order and invoice factoring
Bridge financing
Project funding

Our operations are not limited to certain industries but we require well-established operations and financial information for at least one financial year. We evaluate the prospects and risks of the investee and price our funding based on them and any collateral. In the case of a positive loan decision, we will make a personalized bond, with the financing terms tailored to the needs of the company.

How we act?

Collecting background information

We collect background information about the company and it’s responsible persons. In case of wider funding solutions, we also meet applicants for funding in person.

Assessment of creditworthiness and solvency

We check the applicant’s credit rating, information, history, and any payment delays.

Risk and collateral assessment

We analyze the financial information and form a view of the company’s profitability, cash flow, solvency and debt servicing ability, and evaluate collateral.

Lending and credit monitoring

After lending we are actively in touch with the customer. We respond quickly to situations that affect the loan servicing ability, evaluate necessary measures in conjunction with the company, and agree payment arrangements when the situation permits.