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Forerunner in structured products

Front is one of the most experienced developers of structured products on the market. We offer our customers individual investment solutions in cooperation with several Finnish and international issuer banks. Over the past decade, we have provided solutions in Finland totalling nearly one billion euros.

DATE 22.09.2021
ISSUE NAME Front Inflaatiosuoja Autocall 2021 ISIN XS2275903784 ISSUE DATE 11.06.2021 MATURITY DATE 10.06.2024 DAILY BID 82.72 %
ISSUE NAME Front Inflaatiosuoja II Autocall 2021 ISIN XS2281939335 ISSUE DATE 23.06.2021 MATURITY DATE 24.06.2024 DAILY BID 78.54 %
ISSUE NAME Front Zeta USD III Sijoituslaina ISIN XS1629681575 ISSUE DATE 06.07.2017 MATURITY DATE 15.07.2022 DAILY BID 131.28 %
ISSUE NAME Front Orionis Puskuri USD IV Sijoituslaina ISIN XS1773692170 ISSUE DATE 02.03.2018 MATURITY DATE 15.01.2023 DAILY BID 96.57 %
ISSUE NAME Front Kajam Puskuri X Sijoituslaina ISIN XS2081611647 ISSUE DATE 11.12.2019 MATURITY DATE 15.01.2025 DAILY BID 89.05 %
ISSUE NAME Front Kajam Puskuri XI Sijoituslaina ISIN XS2132866091 ISSUE DATE 27.03.2020 MATURITY DATE 15.01.2025 DAILY BID 114.23 %
ISSUE NAME Front Tseen IV - Optimiajoitus HEX25 Sijoituslaina ISIN XS2178494204 ISSUE DATE 29.06.2020 MATURITY DATE 15.07.2025 DAILY BID 124.08 %
ISSUE NAME Front Kajam Puskuri V Sijoituslaina ISIN XS1844094372 ISSUE DATE 06.07.2018 MATURITY DATE 15.07.2023 DAILY BID 80.33 %
ISSUE NAME Front Kajam Puskuri VI Sijoituslaina ISIN XS1879646526 ISSUE DATE 05.10.2018 MATURITY DATE 15.07.2023 DAILY BID 78.76 %
ISSUE NAME Front Kajam Puskuri VII Sijoituslaina ISIN XS1891759653 ISSUE DATE 02.11.2018 MATURITY DATE 15.01.2024 DAILY BID 88.66 %
ISSUE NAME Front Orionis Puskuri USD XI Sijoituslaina ISIN XS2002723315 ISSUE DATE 13.06.2019 MATURITY DATE 15.07.2024 DAILY BID 92.92 %
ISSUE NAME Front Epsilon XI Suomi Sijoituslaina ISIN CH0384863673 ISSUE DATE 03.11.2017 MATURITY DATE 03.11.2022 DAILY BID 158.53 %
ISSUE NAME Front Epsilon XIII Suomi Sijoituslaina ISIN CH0411239889 ISSUE DATE 10.05.2018 MATURITY DATE 10.05.2023 DAILY BID 161.77 %
ISSUE NAME Front Pohjoismaat Booster Sijoituslaina ISIN CH0539862232 ISSUE DATE 06.05.2020 MATURITY DATE 06.05.2025 DAILY BID 164.43 %
ISSUE NAME Front Osinkoyhtiöt Booster Sijoituslaina ISIN CH0539864006 ISSUE DATE 19.05.2020 MATURITY DATE 19.05.2025 DAILY BID 127.06 %
ISSUE NAME Front Teräsyhtiöt Autocall 2021 ISIN CH0599562045 ISSUE DATE 21.04.2021 MATURITY DATE 21.04.2026 DAILY BID 86.10 %
ISSUE NAME Front Propus Pankki ISIN CH0340814075 ISSUE DATE 16.12.2016 MATURITY DATE 16.12.2021 DAILY BID 112.25 %
ISSUE NAME Front Epsilon X Eurooppa Sijoituslaina ISIN CH0344130791 ISSUE DATE 10.03.2017 MATURITY DATE 10.03.2022 DAILY BID 76.96 %
ISSUE NAME Front Orionis Puskuri USD VIII Sijoituslaina ISIN XS1894572434 ISSUE DATE 07.11.2018 MATURITY DATE 09.01.2024 DAILY BID 87.66 %
ISSUE NAME Front Orionis Puskuri USD X Sijoituslaina ISIN XS1937050497 ISSUE DATE 08.02.2019 MATURITY DATE 09.01.2024 DAILY BID 101.33 %
ISSUE NAME Front Kajam Puskuri VIII Sijoituslaina ISIN XS2010452741 ISSUE DATE 13.09.2019 MATURITY DATE 09.07.2024 DAILY BID 94.79 %
ISSUE NAME Front Kajam Puskuri IX SEK Sijoituslaina ISIN XS2043056501 ISSUE DATE 12.11.2019 MATURITY DATE 20.01.2027 DAILY BID 76.54 %
ISSUE NAME Front Lääkeyhtiöt Booster ISIN XS2175916605 ISSUE DATE 23.09.2020 MATURITY DATE 23.09.2025 DAILY BID 88.37 %
ISSUE NAME Front Lääkeyhtiöt Booster II ISIN XS2175865000 ISSUE DATE 07.10.2020 MATURITY DATE 07.10.2025 DAILY BID 91.97 %
ISSUE NAME Front Robotiikka ja Automaatio Booster ISIN XS2175889877 ISSUE DATE 21.10.2020 MATURITY DATE 21.10.2025 DAILY BID 106.20 %
ISSUE NAME Front Lääkeyhtiöt Booster USD ISIN XS2175766281 ISSUE DATE 30.10.2020 MATURITY DATE 30.10.2025 DAILY BID 95.45 %
ISSUE NAME Front Suomi Autocall Puskuri II 2021 ISIN XS2347982196 ISSUE DATE 15.09.2021 MATURITY DATE 16.09.2024 DAILY BID 92.71 %
ISSUE NAME Front Öljy-yhtiöt Kuponki 2021 Sijoituslaina ISIN XS2235881153 ISSUE DATE 10.02.2021 MATURITY DATE 21.02.2024 DAILY BID 103.16 %
ISSUE NAME Front Robotiikka ja Automaatio Booster II ISIN XS2175798565 ISSUE DATE 18.11.2020 MATURITY DATE 18.11.2025 DAILY BID 100.61 %
ISSUE NAME Front Osinkoyhtiöt II Booster Sijoituslaina ISIN XS2236166232 ISSUE DATE 05.01.2021 MATURITY DATE 05.01.2026 DAILY BID 101.85 %
ISSUE NAME Front Pankit Kuponki 2021 Sijoituslaina ISIN XS2277968801 ISSUE DATE 03.03.2021 MATURITY DATE 04.03.2024 DAILY BID 102.15 %
ISSUE NAME Front Some-yhtiöt Autocall 2021 Sijoituslaina ISIN XS2313945839 ISSUE DATE 07.07.2021 MATURITY DATE 08.07.2024 DAILY BID 94.03 %
ISSUE NAME Front Suomi Autocall II Puskuri 2021 USD ISIN XS2313904992 ISSUE DATE 14.07.2021 MATURITY DATE 14.07.2026 DAILY BID 96.48 %
ISSUE NAME Front Nokia ja Nordea Autocall 2021 Sijoituslaina ISIN XS2313735198 ISSUE DATE 25.08.2021 MATURITY DATE 26.08.2024 DAILY BID 92.64 %
ISSUE NAME Front Orionis Puskuri USD III Sijoituslaina ISIN XS1678626323 ISSUE DATE 28.09.2017 MATURITY DATE 11.07.2022 DAILY BID 84.92 %

“Using structured products, we can meet demanding customer needs and quickly take advantage of exceptional profit-making opportunities resulting from market disruptions. A product tailored to an anchor investor will usually be offered to a larger group of investors. Our customers appreciate our quick reactions, customised product solutions, novel ideas and market sensitivity.”

Kaarle Harju

Customer asset manager, tied agent, board member, partner

*The price quote is the indicative (non-binding) Current Quote. The Current Quote is normally updated every banking day at 1.00 pm, subject to Front Capital Ltd having received the necessary input from different market participants by then. The strike price of the secondary market trading will always be agreed and confirmed with the customer either in writing or by phone. The secondary market trading fee is 2% (included in the indicative Current Quote).