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Front Rubicon VII NOK Sijoituslaina

Return profile

Please see the final terms.

Basic information

ISIN: XS1266717179
Issuer: SGA Societe Generale Acceptance
Issue date: 01.12.2015
Maturity date: 15.01.2021
Currency : NOK
Credit Events: 10
Redemption Price: 58.33 %
Bid*:*Indicative value 54.28 %

Valuation history

  • Front Rubicon VII NOK Sijoituslaina
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Development of the underlying instruments

  • iTraxx Crossover s24

Credit Events

Company Date
Portugal Telecom International Finance BV 06/2016
Grupo Isolux Corsan Finance BV 07/2016
Astaldi SpA 10/2018
Rallye SA 05/2019
New Look Senior Issuer plc 05/2019
Galapagos Holding SA 07/2019
Matala Finance PLC 08/2020
HEMA Bondco I B.V. 08/2020
Pizzaexpress Financing 1 PLC 09/2020
Selecta Group B.V. 10/2020


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